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Welcome to the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare in Kangasala region


(webpage updated 14.9.2019)


Every child is entitled to a good and happy childhood. The Mannerheim League for Child Welfare (MLCW) works to make this possible together with many other organizations, both public and private.

The Mannerheim League is an NGO and membership is open to everyone. It promotes the wellbeing of children and of families with children, increases respect for childhood and seeks to make it more visible, and sees that children's views are taken into account in public decision-making.

The Mannerheim League is the largest child welfare organization in Finland. It has 92 000 members and 566 local associations throughout the country. The work of these local associations is supported by the League's 10 district organizations.

The Mannerheim League relies on partnerships. It works with numerous organizations, businesses and networks in Finland and abroad. The League's Central Office in Helsinki cooperates closely with ministries, officials and other organizations while the district organizations and local associations operate on the regional level.

The objective of the association is to promote the basic security, well-being and healthy development of children, young people and families in the Kangasala municipality area together with other associations and the municipality.

You are welcome to attend to every activity despite of your language.


Our activities in the Kangasala area:


Family Café/"Perhekerho": Tursola, Omppula, Pikkutasku and Punapaulat = Suorama

Family Café activities are organized in cooperation with the municipality in connection with open family activities. Peer support and people to chat with for stay-at-home parents of small children. Juice, coffee, bread and cookies are available for a small fee. Activities are organized by the municipality worker, and the MLCW volunteer takes care of the catering. Activities for adults and children. Details of the schedule are available on the website: Be aware of holidays: then there are no activities in Family cafés.

Tursola, "Karhula" on Mondays at 9:00-12:00, : Vainiometsäntie 1,

Omppula on Tuesdays at 9:00-12:00, address: Riihikuja 3, 36200 Kangasala

Pikkutasku on Fridays at 9:00-12:00, address: close to restaurant Pepper, Kuohunharjuntie 26, 36200 Kangasala

Punapaulat on Fridays at 9:00-12:00, address: Tupatie 1, 36220 Kangasala


Music Playschool/"Muskari"

Music playschools and music workshops are held weekly for 14 weeks during the spring semester. In addition, there will be a joint end-of-semester recital in the spring for all music playschool groups. The autumn semester will also have weekly activities for 14 weeks. The Christmas recitals of the autumn playschool groups will be held on an individual group basis during the last week of teaching. There will be more than 10 groups in the spring and autumn semesters. The teacher of the music playschool is Katri Lugo. Registration semiannually. More information on the website: A fee applies.


Rumpus Hour/"Touhutunti"

Free indoor exercise once a week. See current timetable at: timetable (in Finnish). We will have 1-2 new Rumpus Hours depending on gym and volunteer availability. For children under school age (2+ years recommended) and their parents/grandparents etc.. Free of charge.    


Peer support groups: vaavinkaiset, taaperoiset, baby and parent groups and possibly other groups

Depending on the leader situation, there will be Vaavinkainen groups for under-1-year-olds and Taaperoinen groups for 1-3-year-old children and their parents. The program includes songs, nursery rhymes and stimuli for the children and guided discussion and peer support for the adults. Interest in other peer support groups (for example for immigrant families) shall be investigated and venues and leaders sought out. A voluntary donation for the catering. Contact for more information: mllkangasala(at)


Fathers’ Activities

Joint activities for fathers and children on a host basis, i.e. each event has a host who is responsible for that event. Experimentation with fathers’ cafés once a month at the Pasintie venue (just a plan at the moment). A “cake baking workshop” shall be organized on the eve of Mothers’ Day, as well as other events depending on ideas and the leader situation. Several fathers should be sought out to act as hosts for the events. Contact for more information: mllkangasala(at)


Youth Activities

New activities are initiated among school-age children and young people. An investigation into what types of activities are needed. Cookery evenings for young people and cake baking workshops for Mothers’ and Fathers’ Days. Contact shall be maintained with the Pikkola and Pitkäjärvi schools’ buddy students to support their activities.



The babysitting services have been taken over by the Häme MLCW district. More information in English:


Flea Markets/"Kirppis"

Popular childrenswear and toy flea markets shall be organized once in the spring and once in the autumn at the Pikkola school. Stalls shall be reserved primarily for the members of the association and secondarily for Kangasala residents. Café canteen. A stall fee applies.


Angel Church Service/"Enkelikirkko"

In collaboration with the Sunday School of the church, a service will be held on the 28th of December, the Holy Innocents’ Day. Free of charge, any collection money should be paid to the aid bank account.


Rental Items

Items for rent: christening gown, baby carrying backpacks (large and small). Reservations should be made with Marketta Nieminen. More information:


Become a member


MLCW has 566 local associations around Finland. Many areas have several associations. Unless you have a preference for a specific MLCW local association, we will register you as a member of the nearest local association based on your home address.

Membership fees

The membership fee is approximately 25 euros per year. The fee includes the “Lapsemme” magazine and some discounts considering our chargeable services.

0- to 18-year-olds
A child may become a member with permission from his/her guardian. Membership is free of charge for under-18-year-olds. Members that turned 18 during the previous calendar year automatically become adult members for the following year.

To become a member you must fill the form: If you can’t fill it in Finnish, please contact “Jäsenpalvelu”/The member service, tel. 075 324 5540 or e-mail: jasenpalvelu(at)